D-tox January, Day 21: Detoxify Your Life. Your Way. from the Daily Dietribe

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I’m going to launch straight into talking about todays D-tox January post from the gorgeous Iris at her Daily Dietribe blog. I read the post on my iphone while still in bed today. In fact I read it twice. I pulled up the comment box right away and also pinged Iris a response via email. It read:


It is the most beautiful post to date! Just perfect. No hard and fast right and wrongs. We should all learn to be less judgmental and to listen to our bodies more. I didn’t for a while and look where that got me…
Thank you!!!
I’ve been thinking about her post all day. I could write a book about the thoughts and emotions that it stirred in me. The number of occasions in my life where my body had sent me big old warning signs that it wasn’t happy and I kept ignoring them, carrying on as usual. Even being hospitalized for a couple of days after collapsing with extreme work stress at one point, didn’t really teach me a lesson. I started to go to the gym and swim a bit more – for a while – and tried to ease up on the whole work load thing (kind of), but looking back I didn’t really change anything significant. It took for me to get stage 3 breast cancer to start listening to my body. Now there’s a wake up call I could have done without.
Although it’s impossible to say what caused me to get cancer when I did, I’m convinced that my lifestyle was a big contributor. I’ve changed my lifestyle now – a lot. I think about being healthy – a lot. On some days I do so a little too obsessively and on others I find it easier to let things slide a little. Now, according to Iris’s words of wisdom that’s what it’s all about. There are no hard and fast rules. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. Her words are so true.
Tonight I met with a few of my breast cancer survivor friends. We met at one of the friends houses and had a pot luck dinner. Lot’s of fabulous healthy organic food. Needless to say, we’ve all changed the way we eat (almost all of it was naturally gluten free). We’ve all also been told that alcohol is bad. No more than 3 glasses of wine a week. Tonight I had a fabulous glass of Rosé. It felt good. I’m a firm believer that feeding my soul is sometimes as important – if not more than – feeding my body. The pleasure I got from that one glass of wine was cleansing and detoxifying in its own right. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I will do the same again tomorrow – but maybe that will be exactly what I need.
Please take the time to check out Iris’ great blog. She has some great smoothies, yummy looking soups and a host of other fabulous gluten-free recipes.

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  1. Nicola, I just read her post. It was unbelievable. And so very right on so so many levels. And so very beautifully written. Thank you for this event as it has inspired me to be even more on track and focused on what is right for our own family’s health this year. You are such a special person!
    xo kim

  2. Iris says:

    Thank you Nicola! I love what you said about feeding the soul being more important than feeding the body. As a nutrition student, I can get caught up in eating “perfectly”, but sometimes I have to remind myself that taking a walk and then getting take out might be better for me than cooking my own meal but missing a glorious walk in the sunset.

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  4. Iris’ post was so inspirational as were your thoughts, Nicola. I think we listen to our body, but then have that small voice that feeds us the guidance to maintain the status quo. Must listen to and follow what the body advises. It feels so good when we do.


    • nstockmann says:

      Hi Shirley. Not sure what I’d do without your comments – they are an inspiration in themselves. It does feel good to listen. ;-). Brittany’s post today is really thought provoking too…

  5. Eve says:

    Yes, Iris’ post is truely inspirational. She made my day!

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