D-tox January, Day 22: Raw Cacao-Raspberry-Avocado Smoothie from Real Sustenance

Farmhouse in Sonoma

The view from the car window as we drive through Sonoma county

Today was a good day. We headed out in glorious sunshine with a stash of gluten-free food and headed up the 101 to Sonoma, where we met with friends at the Viansa Vineyard and picnicked there while the kids got to run around on the lawn and play bocce. We were all in disbelief as to how glorious it was and how quick it had been to get there from home – less than half an hour. We shared a bottle of their delicious Chardonnay between us, chatted for about 3 hours and then headed back home. We stopped at Wholefoods on the way home, bought fresh mussels that were harvested 2 days ago, and M made an amazing lemongrass infused mussel soup (I’ll share the recipe in the next few weeks). Just perfect.

Sometimes life is as uncomplicated as it was today. Everything is in harmony and everyone is happy. If only every day could be that way. It feels good to be able to relish it when it does happen.

Sometimes it is the complete opposite and you find yourself wondering whether it’ll ever get any better. Life tends to run in cycles. After bad comes good – most of the time.

It’s with that thought that I wish a ton of good things to come the way of Brittany, today’s author of the D-tox January post at Real Sustenance. Brittany has shared a fantastic nutritious and tasty looking raw cacao-raspberry-avocado smoothie as well as the story of why she came to be a blogger, a gluten-free foodie, and her path to regaining her health – and her happiness. Brittany’s blog has a ton of great recipes. She is a busy lady in that kitchen of hers! She is recovering from recent surgery and is nursing herself to health through nutrition with the hope of being able to try for a baby soon.

Two of my breast cancer survivor friends are also hoping to be able to try for babies. They were diagnosed with cancer before they had children. They are still young – really young – and would like nothing more than a family. They have both been told that this is possible, over time. Once the effects of chemotherapy have worked their way out of their bodies and after a set amount of time taking medication to block cancer cell growth. I truly believe that they will have the children that they want so badly, It simply has to be.

I count myself lucky that I had two healthy boys before my disease took hold. When I was told that I was not to get pregnant under any circumstance – that the risk of getting cancer again was to high and that this would be extremely dangerous for me, I was really sad. I hadn’t planned to have a ‘number 3′, but having that choice taken away from me felt like a big blow. It’s not something I’ll ever be able to explain. I’ve accepted it now and I’m supremely grateful for what I have. My ovaries had to be removed last year and with that any ‘what if’s’ were well and truly gone. My boys are what kept me going when I was really sick, they are what motivated me to fight and to get up every day and put a smile on my face. I can’t imagine how things would be without them.

I wish for all of those women who want to have children so badly that they find a way.


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  1. Another well-written and beautiful post, Nicola. I hope that all will be able to have their babies, too. Children are such gifts. Off to read Brittany’s post. Love her energy and enthusiasm that comes through online, but look forward to learning more about her and getting her smoothie recipe, too. :-)


  2. Jill says:

    That was very touching. We all face struggles from time to time and I am truly glad that you write so that I can learn from you.

  3. Such a nice post Nicola! Cant say it enough- thank you for putting this together. Its been such a gift to so many of us!

    And Shirley- thats such an incredibly sweet thing to say. So touched :) xo

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