D-tox January, Day 23: Master Cleanse Kefir, Elixir Style from Edible Goddess

View from Mount Tamalpais

View from Mount Tamalpais over Marin County and to San Francisco

The blogging adventure continues. Bethanne Wanamaker (another local Marin’ite) has posted a great Master Cleanse Kefir, Elixir Style on her Edible Goddess blog. If you are truly wanting to detox and do it with a great tasting juice then go check out her post. Bethanne very much believes that you are what you eat and even offers a fully guided virtual power cleanse – the next one is in February. She lives and breathes the mantra that good nutrition is the key to health and vitality. The icing on the cake is that Bethanne makes raw dark chocolates to order. The reviews are really good – mmm.

Admittedly, a lot of the ingredients that Bethanne uses are things that I have never heard of. But I take my hat off to her, she really does look radiant in the flesh and if this is what it takes to keep those wrinkles at bay, then she really does seem to be on to something. For me, this takes juices and smoothies to a whole new level. Not one that I’m sure would fit into my lifestyle, but one that I would likely readily adopt if somebody offered to make the things for me. I imagine days when I would have the time – and willpower – to delve more into Bethane’s recipes and absorb more of her pearls of youthful wisdom.

Having said all of that, today’s elixir is not at all daunting, completely doable and really appealing. It’s definitely on my ‘would like to try’ list. So great that Bethanne chose a post for today that offers to empower you to take your sustained health into your own hands.

Another super exiting thing that happened today is that I started filming a short video with my friend Jane. My kids call her ‘yoga Jane‘ and yoga Jane is responsible for getting me hooked on yoga and helping me use it for my healing process post-cancer. She is also teaching C to use yoga and reiki whenever he feels anxious or his tummy feels upset – quite amazing. When attending one of Jane’s yoga classes for my birthday, over the Christmas break, I had a sudden ‘aha’ moment while she was teaching us several detoxifying yoga poses. The ‘aha’ moment was “wouldn’t it be great if I could make a video of Jane teaching these detoxifying poses and put it on my blog as part of D-tox January”.

Luckily, Jane thought that this was a great idea and today we started making the short 5 minute film. I’ll share it here on the 31st of January – the last day of D-tox January. It will be something that you can do in your living room (or a hotel room, if on the go), whenever you have a snatched moment of time. You can hold the poses for longer, or simply follow the 5 minute film. Either way, you will get great detoxifying benefits from these really gentle yoga poses. Quite amazing. Watch this space…


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  1. Wow, the video with Jane sounds great! I love yoga and am fascinated by reiki. How awesome that it has helped you and that you children are learning the techniques, too. And, Edible Goddess’ detox plan must be checked out, too.


    • nstockmann says:

      Shirely – such a shame that your road trip didn’t take you this far. We could have set up a fab reiki session for you… Definitely next time!

  2. Jenna says:

    Today we tried our first smoothie with chia seeds. Everyone (me, 4 year old and 2 year old twins) enjoyed it! Thanks for the inspiration

  3. nstockmann says:

    Hi Jenna, that’s great news. I’ve been amazed as to what I’ve ‘sneaked’ in to my kids tummy’s these past few weeks too.

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