D-tox January, Day 24: Squashberry Smoothie from Lexie’s Kitchen

Fashion show

Me in pink at the To Celebrate Life Fashion Show

Ok, so as an ex graphic designer, the Lexie’s Kitchen blog of todays detox January post, puts me well and truly to shame. My ‘must work on my header’ thoughts have been rattling about for an age, but there are always so many other things to do… Lexie has a beautiful and well organized blog. She even has a well organized pantry and gorgeous pantry labels, which she generously features on her blog as a great download. Not only does everything look good, but her content is just great too. Born out of the necessity of finding a path to health for her little boy, Lexie has developed a whole host of fabulous allergen-free recipes and has some great tips on how to ‘detox’ your kitchen. In short, Lexie is a super cool super mom.

Lexie’s D-tox January contribution is a Squashberry smoothie. I love the fact that she color codes her smoothie – learn about how she does it and see today’s amazing recipe by clicking here.

I went for a green smoothie option today. In need of a trip to the grocery store, I was beholden to the ingredients that I had to hand. The result was great: Honeydew melon, apple, pear, avocado, chia seeds and water. I offered some to T – he was not enamored. It’s still berry smoothies with hidden greens for the kids so far, but there are ton of ways to add variations even to that simple concept and so it’s all good.

Today, after being smoothie mom, I was soccer mom and then tae kwon do mom, followed by chef mom and rounded of the day with an evening of being volunteer mom. Tonight was the volunteer kick-off meeting for the To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation. This Foundation is local to Marin and helps people with breast cancer on a multitude of levels. They have a few different fundraisers per year, the prime event being a supremely professional fashion show. The models are all breast cancer survivors and go through rigorous model training in the run up to the fashion show. I was one of the models this past year. The experience was unbelievable. It was great to be back in the midst of an amazing group of women dedicated to their cause tonight. I pledged some of my time. I’m really looking forward to it. There is so much that can be done with this Foundation from volunteering to sponsorship to attending it’s events (including tennis and golf). If you live in the Bay Area, I highly recommend that you check it out.


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  1. Oh, how beautiful you look in that photo, Nicola! :-) I have a really good friend who just found out her ovarian cancer has returned. Because of your recent posts, I was able to recommend The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen Cookbook and the Anti-Cancer book. She bought one and I sent her the other one. She has never been ready to consider dietary changes before, but this time she is and I’m hoping and praying that the 27 fruits & veggies approach plus more will put her cancer back into remission. Thanks so much for all you’re doing to spread awareness on this approach. I know it’s key. I’ve read that cancer can’t grow in our bodies if they are alkaline, so heeding what we are eating is HUGE. D-Tox January rocks, which leads me, to …

    I adore Lexie and her smoothie looks so pretty! I bet your kids would slurp that one up on looks alone. Now I need to make a smoothie myself. Yours sounded divine to me. I’d LOVE to make one with honeydew melon.


    • nstockmann says:

      Oh Shirley. I am so sorry to hear that about your friend. I really hope that the books will help. For me my fight against cancer took place on a multitude of levels. Nutrition being one of them. Admittedly, it is only recently that I am fully embracing everything that I was told and read about over the past 2 years on that front. I was far to exhausted during treatment to think much beyond ‘organic everything’ and ‘drastically reduced intake of red meat’ and ‘cut down dairy’. On most days I couldn’t stomach anything other than a boiled egg and we were incredibly lucky that a mass of friends began to get involved and started cooking family meals for us when the bad days came. If it weren’t for aggressive western medicine and an amazing medical team with phenomenal surgeons, I wouldn’t be here – that’s for sure. But I did believe from my diagnosis onwards – and I still believe it now – that we do have the capability to affect our prognosis and our continued health dramatically. I feel another blog post brewing… I wish for your friend that another remission is on it’s way. A great short-cut to some good tips is to check out the Anticancer rules: http://www.anticancerbook.com/rules.html. I believe that part of the battle is feeling empowered and believing that you can indeed take control of your own body. Otherwise cancer makes you feel so incredibly helpless.

      • Thank you, Nicola, and thanks so much for your other post, too. My friend read the Anti-Cancer book immediately (after I recommended it based on your posts). She said it was really eye opening. I and our other friends will support her as much as possible. This round is tougher because the tumor is inoperable due to its location. So it has to be chemo and doing everything else possible (like you’ve shared) that will make the difference.

        Many hugs of appreciation, Nicola,

        • nstockmann says:

          I am so pleased that she read it! My tumor was big and in a weird place. Chemo was key for me too. Another thing for her to think about – if she hasn’t done so already – is Guided Imagery. It really worked for me, is clinically proven to help with cancer, and I’m convinced it helped shrink my tumor.

  2. N, you look absolutely stunning in this photo — and in pink! xo

  3. Lexie says:

    Oh how I wish I were as perfect, organized and bright and shiny as you paint me to be. I love flattery and something to aim for, Ha!

    You look stunning in your dress … and talk about hats … you wear many of them and do it with grace and ease. Flattery back atcha! :)

    Okay, I am going to try avocado in a smoothie today. The trees here are loaded with them (home in Hawaii for 3 weeks). Thanks for that tip.


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