D-tox January, Day 27: Dairy-Free, Berry “Milk” Shake from Glügle GlutenFree

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It's a cat's life

So – if you are not sick of the ‘sound’ of me prattling on every day throughout D-tox January, then I applaud you. It’s amazing to me how quickly the days are going by. Even more amazing that I have anything left to say..

Today I’m sat here deliberating what the focus of this post should be. Tia at Glügle Gluten Free has taken the biscuit today and said it all. Check out her post for her super simple and yet great looking, tasty sounding and really healthy dairy-free, berry “milk shake”. Not only has she shared a great recipe, but she’s thrown some thought provoking stuff in there too. Spill the beans, I won’t. I highly recommend that you read her post. This is Tia’s second D-tox January post. If you haven’t checked out her first ‘How to get your veggies‘ post, then that’s a great place to go visit too.

I’m writing this post power yoga and pre-school run and school cabaret audition. My copy of Victoria Boutenko’s ‘Green Smoothie Revolution’ arrived via Amazon a couple of days ago. It’s been sat on the kitchen counter peering up at me, saying “read me”, while I’ve been saying “I really would love to, but I simply don’t have the time right now”. Yesterday, I started leafing through the pages. It really is the green smoothie bible. A super informative book and a huge array of smoothie recipes. What this lady doesn’t know about a green smoothie, probably isn’t worth knowing.

The smoothie that jumped out at me was the very simple ‘antioxidant longevity smoothie’. Now we all need some of that, right? It’s in her chapter titled ‘Green Smoothie for Adventurous Souls’. Now, I don’t mind being called an adventurous soul. That’s quite ok. Really. But – when it come to this smoothie, it’s not something that I’ll be calling my other family members any time soon. I love pomegranate and I love spinach. The combination of the two was not the tastiest thing I have ever drank in my entire life – but Wow – what and energy boost. I really felt refreshed afterwards. Quite amazing. Will I drink it again? Probably. Anything that offers longevity is good in my book. Will I ever offer it to M or the kids? A resounding ‘No’.

As I walked through the door just now and was greeted by the cat and dog, I decreed that it really is a ‘pets life’. Arguably the cat has it cushier in this house than the dog. He gets to sleep on the beds, while the dog gets shoo’d off. He gets to go out and explore whenever he wants to, whereas the dog doesn’t get to go beyond the garden unless it’s for one of his walks. The list goes on. Whoever came up with the saying “it’s a dogs life” should probably have rephrased hat to “it’s a cats life”. We adopted Otis (our cat) when he was tiny, having been abandoned by his mother. I had just started chemotherapy and everyone thought I was mad for bringing this creature into our home at that point in our lives. For me it was great. I got to snuggle with this tiny thing and to look after him and watch him grow, while taking my mind off a whole bunch of other stuff. M had often declared ” we are not getting a cat”, but who can say no to a wife who has cancer? The kids were – and still are – delighted too. The moral of the story? Sometimes it’s a good thing to go with what you really want to do, even when everyone else tells you it’s a bad idea. Learn to listen to your inner voice.


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  1. sea says:

    Oh he is absolutely darling. Love that face. Kitties do indeed have it good. Give him a pet from me!


  2. Good morning, Nicola! Pets are the best medicine; there’s no doubt. You were such a smart cookie to bring him into your life. :-) Already read and commented on Tia’s post … I loved it, of course. And, I’m not getting tired of your daily posts at all. I love reading what you have to say and seeing your photos.


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