D-tox January. Day 3: Green smoothie from The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen

Today has been one of those days. We decided sporadically to stay an extra night in Tahoe to be able to ski on M’s birthday (today), after friends invited us to spend the extra night at their house. I can’t actually believe that we debated whether or not it was a good idea. An extra day on the mountains, perfect ski conditions and company for the boys with our friends children. Quite perfect really. Well – quite perfect, apart from the fact that I woke up and forgot it was my husbands birthday until I heard a choir of children singing to him – oops and, apart from the fact that I got stuck on a chair lift halfway up a mountain for about 20 minutes. I quickly rectified the Happy Birthday thing with M, but sitting on a chair lift next to 3 too-cool-to-talk snowboarders, getting colder by the minute was not so easy to brush off. At first I thought “this could be a lot worse, I could be stuck on the London Underground” and then my toes started to go numb with the cold and I thought twice about how lovely the moment was. I quickly forgot all about it again, once I was able to ski back down though.

Ali, at The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen, sounds like she’s had one of those days too. Having made the smoothie she was planning to post for day 3 of D-tox January today, she went to photograph it and realized that the battery was dead on her camera. She then spent the entire day looking for the battery charger and still hasn’t found it. Not one to give up on a good potential smoothie recipe, I’m linking to Ali’s great ‘Spring Green Smoothie“. Although it’s not spring quite yet, the ingredients look delicious and I could see myself quite happily drinking it for breakfast this week. The information contained in Ali’s post for her smoothie is really interesting. Why we need to take care of our livers, why we should be careful about our intake of animal fats and which foods we can eat to support a healthy liver. All great stuff. Go check out her post!

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  1. Alisa says:

    Thanks for sharing the link. I really like the detox tips you share here.

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