D-tox January, Day 31: A great 3 minute detox yoga video and book giveaway

It’s hard to believe that D-tox January is at it’s finale. As with all things in life, all good things must come to an end. But endings can be great too and I’m a great believer in going out with a bang, so there’s a lot going in this post. I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible:

1. An amazing detox yoga video with my fantastic friend, Jane Gould, that will take no more than 3 minutes of your time. Wow!
2. Links back to each individual D-tox January post.
3. A great giveaway of two amazing books. Anticancer by Dr David Servan-Schreiber (2 copies) and One Bite at a Time by Rebecca Katz (1 copy). Give away rules at the bottom of this post.
4. A linky at the bottom of the post, to allows you and add your own detoxifying juice, smoothie or soup recipes from your own blog (this link is for relevant recipes only). Please add a link back to this page in your post, so that your readers will also have the benefit of these great recipes.

Why yoga?
Yoga is an amazing tool for detoxification. By doing certain poses, you stimulate the digestive system and aid absorption of nutrients, help with elimination, constipation and detoxification.

Why this video?
The following yoga poses all benefit the digestive system. When you’re doing them remember to breathe deeply and focus on sending the breath down into the tummy area. There’s a wonderful saying in yoga: “Where the mind goes, the energy flows,” so when focusing on detoxing, focus the mind on just that.

How to use it?
Set up your mat, put on some good music and take your time to do each of these poses. They’re fast in this video to give you a routine, but ideally you’ll take your time and take a minimum of 3-5 breaths in each pose. Enjoy.

The benefits
Seated Twist (Ardha Matsyendrasana – translation: Half King of the Fish pose)
Great for hangovers… Stimulates the liver and kidneys and brings energy to the belly aiding digestion. Twists also bring fresh energy to the spine, helping keep the spine long and healthy.
Ardha Pavanamuktasana – half wind relieving pose
Great for relieving gas/flatulance and constipation
Apanasana – knee to chest pose
Like half wind relieving pose, this pose relieves gas/flatulance and constipation
It is not necessary to bring the chest, shoulders and head off the ground, however if you do it deepens the stretch.
Reclined twist
Similar benefits to Seated twist, but with the added sense of relaxation because you’re lying. Breath down into the belly and visualize the breath massaging the spine and filling up the belly.
Downward Facing Dog – Adho Mukha Svanasana
Improves digestion. Because it is considered an inversion, you’re giving the organs a rest and reversing the blood flow to them, thus bringing fresh blood and energy.
Child’s pose – Balasana
Calming and relaxing, also the pressure of having the tummy pressing against the thighs is very beneficial for the digestion.

Jane began teaching me restorative yoga while I was going through treatment for cancer. Jane tailored the yoga to what my body could deal with, and needed, at the time. She encouraged me to take up the practice and provided amazing classes in which I not only strengthened and healed my body, but also developed the courage to fight the disease and move beyond it. Her understanding of what is required for healing and prevention of disease is phenomenal. More about Jane by clicking here.

This series would not have been what it is without the amazing people who have contributed an amazing wealth of knowledge and an incredible array of great recipes. Click on the links below to take you to each D-tox January post.

  1. A Berry/vanilla smoothie from g-free mom
  2. Wendy @ Celiacs in the House has posted a satisfying kale cranberry smoothie
  3. Ali @ The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen shared a cherry beet detox smoothie
  4. Diane @ The W.H.O.L.E. Gang has featured a great looking cherry smoothie with a twist
  5. Deanna @ The Mommy Bowl lets us in on how to make a hot cider smoothie
  6. Heidi @ Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom enlightens us on how smoothies = self-love and shares 2 great kid-friendly smoothie recipes, including one using sauerkraut. Ingenious.
  7. Cheryl Harris @ Gluten Free Goodness focuses on fighting and preventing cancer through nutrition with some clear and easy to follow steps and some great links
  8. Elizabeth @ Saffron Lane has posted a lovely cleansing kiwi + jasmine green tea smoothie
  9. Christian @ Christian Bates dot com shares his simple raw chocolate hazel nut mylk smoothie
  10. Hallie @ Daily Bites posts her delicious green “creamsicle” smoothie
  11. Kim @ Cook It Allergy Free shares her 5 commandments of smoothie making for kids and a great easy kids green smoothie recipe
  12. Shirley @ gluten free easily has posted a fabulous Pina “Greena” Colada
  13. Maggie @ she let them eat cake has some amazing smoothie making tips and a beginners ‘green’ smoothie
  14. Jen @ Gluten Free Life shares a wonderful tropical chia smoothie and educates on the benefits of chia seeds
  15. Silvana @ dish towel diaries educates on how to make an indulgent, but healthy, chocolate-peanut butter pick-me-up smoothie
  16. Carol @ Simply… gluten-free breaks the smoothie mold with a great looking carrot beet apple juice
  17. Amy @ simply sugar & gluten free brings us more beets with a delicious sounding fresh beet juice
  18. Sea @ Book of Yum provides a fresh approach with a vegan, sugar-free, alcohol-free, detox apple mojito recipe
  19. Tia @ Glügle Gluten Free reminds us about how to get our greens and shares a great green smoothie
  20. Ricki @ Diet, Dessert and Dogs shares her groovy green smoothie and a stash of great links and resources
  21. Iris @ The Daily Dietribe breaks the recipe mold and tells us how to detoxify our lives – “your way”
  22. Brittany @ REAL sustenance tells us how to make a great raw cacao-raspberry-avocado smoothie
  23. Bethanne @ Edible Goddess takes it to another level and shares a master cleanse kefir, elixir style
  24. Lexie @ Lexie’s Kitchen brings the color wheel to smoothies and a great sqaushberry smoothie to boot
  25. Nancy @ the SENSITIVE PANTRY posts a wonderful warming hot pomegranate cider (with a white tea kicker)
  26. Hallie @ Daily Bites shares a yummy coconut mango smoothie with lime
  27. Tia @ Glügle Gluten Free makes us smile and posts a dairy-free, berry “milk” shake
  28. Jen @ Gluten Free Life posts a great, healthy, green goddess smoothie
  29. Megan @ The Cardigan and Cook starts a new blog and makes a carrot ginger soup her first post. Woo hoo.
  30. Margaret @ eat nakedwrites about the perfect thing for this time of year, an immune boosting hearty miso soup

D-tox January Giveaway
There are two books that I have found to be really useful and that I’m really looking forward to sharing with three lucky winners.
2 of the winners will get the great Anticancer by Dr David Servan-Schreiber. This book talks about his own fight with cancer and how he came to understand and develop some basic ‘rules’ on how to slow down cancer, if you have it, and how to prevent it if you don’t, or are in remission. It’s a great read for everyone, given the age we live in and the prevalence of cancer all around us.
The second book is  One Bite at a Time by Rebecca Katz. There will be one winner of this great cookbook. In it Rebecca shares delicious, immune-boosting recipes for people living with cancer, the ever-growing number of cancer survivors and their friends. A lot of the recipes are also gluten-free.

How to win:
1. Leave a comment here telling me which book you would like to win.
2. Follow me on Twitter (@gfreemom) and leave me a comment here telling me that you have done so.
3. Follow gfreemom on Facebook and leave me a comment telling me that you have done so.
4. Link your own smoothie, juice or detoxifying soup recipe below and leave me a comment letting me know that you have linked (please remember to link back to this page in your own post).
This contest will end on Saturday, February 5th at 10am PST. I will announce the winners on the following day. Please make sure that you check back to see if you have won one of these great books.

Please link your recipes here


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  1. Deanna says:

    Thanks for hosting such a wonderful event!

  2. Heather says:

    I’ve linked up my Berry Cardamom Smoothie. I love this one!

  3. Heather says:

    I’ve liked you on Facebook!

  4. Heather says:

    I would love to win One Bite at a Time by Rebecca Katz. The description looks like it would give me many immune-boosting recipes to try.

  5. Heather says:

    And I already follow you on Twitter. Thanks for doing this round up!

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  8. Rebecca Bochenek says:

    Just liked Gfree mom on Facebook. Radiant profile pic!

  9. Not commenting to enter, but just to say what a fantastic video you and Jane made. :-) Anybody can do 3 minutes. I am back doing my daily 20 minutes of yoga with today as day 3 and once again I’m amazed at how differently, how much better, I’m feeling. Its power is huge! Thanks for sharing Jane with us, Nicola. I’ll take 3 minutes and do these poses any time I’m feeling wonky. I’m going to share Rebecca Katz’s book with my friend who I mentioned the other day. Thanks for everything, my dear! Such an incredible event you hosted with such phenomenal bloggers and recipes–something we can reference again and again to stay detoxed and healthy. :-)


    • nstockmann says:

      Thank you Shirley! Am hoping that as people become versed with the yoga positions that Jane is showing that they will extend this to become a 20min+ practice every day by simply holding each pose longer, but am totally agreed – 3 minutes everyone can do & wouldn’t the world be a better place if everybody did? The contributors have definitely been phenomenal. I am so grateful to you all. N xo

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  11. sea says:

    Wonderful post to close a wonderful event! I think you have inspired all of us to eat a bit healthier. And, with this lovely video you have certainly reminded me of how much I love yoga. Thank you!!

  12. Jane says:

    Blessed to be involved with such an awe inspiring group of G-free health lovin’ bloggers out there. Sending love and wishes to you all! Here’s to a wonderfully pure and graceful 2011 :)

  13. I’ve been waiting in anticipation for this video — and it’s everything I knew it would be and more! What a fabulous close to an inspiring month, N! So honored to have been a part of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    (also, not commenting to enter just wanted to send along some love. ;))

  14. Becky says:

    I just “like” your gfreemom page on facebook.

  15. Becky says:

    I would definitely love a copy of the Anticancer book.

  16. what an amazing roundup! thanks so much for letting me contribute, and thanks so much for organizing this d-tox extravaganza.

  17. I would love to win One Bite At A Time by Rebecca Katz. I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Rebecca’s. Her Cancer-Fighting Kitchen is one of the most often used cookbooks in my kitchen – it has fabulous recipes in it. I already follow you on twitter and facebook, and glad to do so!

    What a fantastic round-up! Thank you – it’s informative posts like this that make the internet so much fun.

    Ellen (Gluten Free Diva)

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