D-tox January, Day 4: Cherry smoothie recipe with a secret, from The W.H.O.L.E. Gang

My first green smoothie - really tasty

My morning didn’t start too fantastically today, when I was ticked off by C’s library teacher while volunteering at school today, for not paying enough attention to the computer screen as I was checking books in and out. It’s true – I was far more interested in engaging with the kids in C’s class than I was with the fact that the computer was a little buggy this morning and wasn’t doing what it was supposed to be, and she had made the point that I should double-check everything, but it’s just a bit hard to take 2nd grade library so seriously. I left realizing that if I have a hard time listening and following the rules, then my kids don’t really stand a chance in hell.

After a dog walk and a trip to the grocery store to load up on a tom of fruit and veg to fuel my smoothie making this week, I decided that a yoga class was much needed to instill a bit of focus into my day. When I got ticked off – again – by some crazy woman for the way I had parked in the car park (did yoga have absolutely no calming effect on her?), I decided that it was time to retreat into the cocoon of my kitchen and make my first green smoothie breakthrough.

I could hardly believe that I made it happen and was even more surprised at how good it tasted. I used Ali’s spring green smoothie recipe that was linked to for day 3 of D-tox January yesterday. Once I’d added my greens (spinach, mustard, collard and turnip) I counted up 9 fruits and vegetables in my glass. Right on target for my daily quota and that didn’t include the salad I had for dinner. Phew. I was a little aprehensive as to the power of my blender, as I don’t have the super-duper vitamix that everyone is raving about, but my little blender did just fine. It felt great to be feeding my body so many nutrients. It felt even better to have C say that he liked the smoothie when he came home in the afternoon to the small glass that I’d saved for him to try.

T wasn’t quite as enthusiastic. I suspect that he will get more exited about Diane of The W.H.O.L.E. Gang’s cherry smoothie recipe that she has posted today for day 4 of D-tox January. Diane has written a great post on how to go with the flow of smoothie making and how to adapt a smoothie to fit every taste. She has some great tips on how to hide greens in a fruit smoothie and her recipe includes cabbage – believe it or not. Pretty cool. Check out her post by clicking here. Thank you  Diane! I’m looking forward to trying this recipe and seeing whether red goes down better with little T than green.


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  1. Welcome to green smoothie world, Nicola! We have a tendency to make the first ones too thick, so remember to add a tad more juice or water (helps on blender life, too!). That makes the smoothies far more palatable for the litle ones, too. And, a banana often will make the color prettier and the flavor lighter, so they’ll want to drink them, too. A really good beginner smoothie is just spinach, banana, and water. You might give that a try with your little one. We did smoothies at one of our support group meetings and everyone universally loved the banana/spinach ones.

    Love your series, dear! Diane’s smoothie is gorgeous and delicious I’m sure.


    • nstockmann says:

      Shirley – I love the fact that your looking out for me! I will definitely try spinach and banana. Sounds great. I photographed the tail end of the smoothie – why it looks so thick, but great point about blender life! A bit more water next time. Thank you!!!!

  2. Heather says:

    I’m loving your series! I’ve been drinking two smoothies a day as part of a cleanse since Dec. 26 and am loving it! I’ve always been a smoothie drinker, but I’ve been stuck in the banana/strawberry rut. I’ve had a blast incorporating different fruits and veggies that I’d normally sautee. I love kale, but lately I’ve been in love WITH swiss chard smoothies. Thanks for the posts!

    • nstockmann says:

      We’ve been in the banana/berry rut too. This series is taking me out of that comfort zone and I’m loving it. ;-).

  3. Jenna says:

    I’ve been reading your smoothie posts for the last few days. Your goal of eating 27 different fruits and veggies in a week seemed intimidating, but then I did a count of the variety of fruits and vegetables in our house right now. It would be possible to reach or almost reach that goal based if we ate every kind of fruit and vegetable in the house (including frozen, dried – we have a dehydrator, canned and fresh). That was a powerful realization. Now I need to think of ways to incorporate that variety in to our diet. It is so easy to fall back on familiar choices.

  4. Nicola, i have those “ticked off” moments too!! And yoga does seem to help. In fact, I was actually planning on skipping it today until my girlfriend just called and said she is picking me up to go and I have no choice. I am so glad though.
    I just love this series. My boys do not mind greens in their smoothies either. I just have finally found the perfect balance of how much greens to add. LOL

    • nstockmann says:

      So glad I’m not the only one! ;-). Enjoy yoga – we all need those kinds of persuasive friends, just perfect.

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