D-tox January, Day 5: Hot cider smooothie from The Mommy Bowl and give away.

berry and greens smoothie

learning to hide greens in a berry smoothie

Deanna at The Mommy Bowl has post a yummy hot cider smoothie recipe today. Her photo shows snow on the window ledge in the background and a hot smoothie in wintry Wisconsin makes so much sense. I could quite happily have guzzled a ton of those smoothies while up in the mountains skiing this past weekend. The hot cider that I kept drinking whenever the kids needed a break from skiing was good, but probably not half as good as Deanna’s concoction. Click here for her recipe.

My big smoothie ‘aha’ moment today was fueled by Diane at The W.H.O.L.E. Gang’s cherry smoothie recipe yesterday. Diane managed to make a delicious looking ‘red’ smoothie that still has hidden greens in it. Greens that her son has no idea that he is consuming, because the flavor is so well hidden. So, today I had T at home with me and while we took down Christmas (why does taking down a tree and decorations take so long?), I decided to give the hidden greens in a smoothie thing a try. I didn’t have any frozen cherries and so the smoothie that I made contained banana, frozen strawberries, frozen raspberries, vanilla yogurt, some apple juice and a handful of mixed greens (turnip, collard, spinach and mustard greens). It actually tasted really really good and the addition of the greens made it taste better, rather than worse. T declared it a success. C came home from school and declared it the best smoothie I’ve ever made and asked for more. I’ve now plundered all of my frozen berries, but my boys got some serious nutrients today. Great stuff.

Another great thing happened today. I got a response from the publicist of David Servan-Schreiber’s Anticancer book. She is looking forward to sending two copies of the book to two winners of the give-away that I will be hosting on the last day of January. Reading this book with a group of my fellow breast cancer survivor friends, is what has spurred me on to increase the variety of fruits and vegetables that my family consumes. Although we have been eating a good amount of fruits and vegetables and I always make sure that the kids have at least 5 a day, the boys have their firm favorites and variety – especially when it comes to vegetables – has not been as great as it could be. Giving them a smoothie today with 7 different fruits and vegetables in it and having them ask for more was a big tick in the box of my intention for continued health this coming year. Check out the Anticancer Rules on the Anticancer website. A great summary of the book and a reminder of the relatively straightforward things that we can all do to keep disease at bay.


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