D-tox January, Day 6: Two amazing smoothie recipes from Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom

drinking a berry smoothie

T enjoying the smoothie craze that has hit the household

Heidi’s post on day 6 of D-tox January is wonderful on a ton of different levels. She reminds us about how important it is to love ourselves from the inside out. She equates good food to a day at the spa – and she is right, of course. One of my intentions for this year is to fulfill the ‘do a little something for yourself that makes you happy every day’. Even if its reading a book for 10 minutes, or spending a few minutes longer in the shower before rushing off on the school run. Pampering myself from the inside might be one to add to the list of good things to do on a daily basis. Her photos of her little guy focusing hard on his smoothie are adorable and her recipes look delicious. I love this post and highly recommend that you take the time to hang on every word of it.

Heidi also points us in the direction of a fantastic looking book by Victoria Boutenko: Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health. I ordered the book right away and also checked out Victoria’s informative guide to making green smoothies online.  My big take-out is that if you are going to be a regular green smoothie drinker, then make sure that you rotate your greens. If you keep consuming the same green for many weeks, without changing it with another one you might get alkaloid poisoning. Mmm. Given that I had to deal with Vitamin D toxicity over Christmas (yes, it really does exist), I’m not planning on doing anything potentially poisonous any time soon – so lot’s of variety it is. All part of the master plan…

My smoothie experiment of the day was Wendy at Celiacs in the House’s recipe from her post on Day 2 of D-tox January. I have to confess that I had to add in more fruit than she suggests in order to make the amount of kale in the smoothie more palatable for me and it made me think that I might be a hidden greens type of girl after all, but I definitely felt energized and really full after drinking it. Wendy pointed out in her post that this recipe is a hunger suppressant. Great if you are looking to shed some weight. My days of thinking that smoothies equals the juice fridge in Wholefoods or a quick pit stop at Jamba Juice are well and truly over.

Check out the schedule of events to see what’s up next for D-tox January. Enjoy!


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  1. Heidi did an awesome job on her post! I bet your tastes will change over time with the smoothies. I need less sweetness now with mind.

    Did you see that Tinsley at celiebo.com did a vlog on your series, Nicola? http://www.celiebo.com/video-blog/2011/1/6/d-tox-january-a-month-of-juices-smoothies-gluten-free-soups.html


    • nstockmann says:

      Oh my goodness – no I didn’t. Left home at 8am this morning and only just got back. Going to check it out now. Thanks Shirley!!!! I think you are right about the taste thing. I’m definitely feeling healthier after these pst few days than I have in a long time. Happy Friday! xo

  2. Ooops, meant “mine.” :-(

  3. Maggie says:

    Okay, your post is just as informative as Heidi’s! I love it. How did you know you had Vit D toxicity? Also, thanks for the tip about rotating your greens! So important; I knew it was, but I didn’t know why. I love spinach in my smoothies because it grinds up so well. My brand spanking new blendtec arrives in two days (do you hear me screaming for joy?) so I will hop back on the kale wagon soon enough. Thanks for hosting such a great event.

    • nstockmann says:

      ;-). I’d been told to take a ton of Vit D by my oncologist, as my levels were low. I was advised to take 4000IU’s per day. I thought I was being clever by taking a 5000IU pill a day instead – and then there was the Vit D in my calcium/magnesium supplement. Phew. I started to have weird bone ache, awful fatigue, felt irritable and a few other things. Couldn’t figure it out and then had an ‘aha’ moment and searched ‘Vit D Overdose’ online. Lo and behold there were my symptoms listed under Vitamin D Toxicity. I had it confirmed by my doc that same day. Symptoms slowly going – all of this smoothie drinking is definitely helping. Crazy!!!

      SO exited about your blender. A big Woo hoo for that from this end too…

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