D-tox January, Day 8: Kiwi + Jasmine Green Tea Smoothie from Saffron Lane

red shoes

This post could also be called 'why I love my red shoes'

A really strange thing happened to me when attending the BlogHer Food conference last year. I’d left home – late as usual, raced over the Golden Gate Bridge, followed the instructions to the hotel where the event was taking place in downtown San Francisco, parked the car and already out of breath walked through the double door of the hotel at the same time as another woman who was wearing almost the same outfit as I was. One of the hotel porters commented on our dresses, we smiled. What a coincidence.Not onle were we wearing very similar blue striped dresses but we also both had on heeled red shoes. Not only that, but we had both traveled across from our homes in Marin that morning.

My double – although she’s a notch slimmer than I am and has gorgeous long curly hair (identical to mine, pre-cancer, strangely enough) – turned out to be Elizabeth. Now Elizabeth is a fabulous local private chef, who aside from her great culinary skills, also has a great blog called Saffron Lane on which she features her yummy food, beautifully styled and photographed. Can you tell I’m a little star struck?

When it came to the germination of the D-tox January idea, I hooked up with Elizabeth for a much needed morning coffee (not on the menu this month with all of these healthy smoothies – well, at least not yet), and while my car was being repaired in the local garage and among the dozens of other things that we bent each others ears about, I asked her if she’d like to participate in the January event. I was, of course, delighted when she agreed and am even more delighted about her fabulous post that went up on her blog today.

Today’s smoothie is all about building your immune system and flushing out any nasty toxins. It’s good for your digestion and great for your skin. What more can one ask for in a smoothie? I haven’t figured out the spirulina part yet – that’s a new one for me and it’s not a smoothie that I’ll be feeding the kids any day soon, but I’m exited about trying it this coming week and enjoying the healthy benefits that will come with drinking it.

Today, we had our berry/vanilla smoothie for breakfast and then I gave Wendy’s kale and cranberry smoothie another blast for lunch. I struggled to drink it the other day, but Shirley over at Gluten Free Easily, assured me that my craving for sweet smoothies would dwindle and that I’d start enjoying smoothies like this going forward. It was definitely more palatable to me today. Maybe Shirley is onto something there.

I’ve more than reached my goal of 27 different fruits and vegetables this week. It hasn’t been a struggle and the kids have also had a lot more vegetables, by hiding greens in their fruit smoothies. It’s all good stuff and I can hardly believe that there are still a ton of great posts to come for D-tox January


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  1. Great story about the red shoe meeting. I probably should have volunteered for the kale smoothie at the end of the month when folks were ready to wean off the sweet smoothies. I had two of the kale smoothies yesterday for a super d-tox weekend and I still love them. I did add a handful of frozen raspberries I stashed from the farmers market and that added a sweeter note to the mix. I can’t believe I still feel like my body is just absorbing the nutrients immediately with each sip.

    • nstockmann says:

      No no no – it was perfect timing. I wouldn’t have wanted to wait until the end of the month to get my head around such a nutritious drink and the hunger suppressant thing was definitely needed sooner rather than later (at least this end). And – to your point, extra fruit can be added so easily. I’ve used up my kale now, but will definitely be buying another bunch in the next few days.

  2. I think I remember you saying something about meeting your “double.” ;-) I do remember you looking so adorable that day and the fun red shoes. Wish I could have seen you two together! Elizabeth’s entry sure sounds good … off to check in a moment. But first, major kudos for using D-Tox January wisdom to get in more than 27 fruits and veggies this week! And, woohoo on seeing a slight change in the need for sweet already. Thanks so much for the mention, dahling! I’m off to the store to get my smoothie supplies today so I can do my post for the event and convince more people to like green smoothies. ;-)

    Love and hugs,

  3. Aww, I adore this post, Nicola! Our meeting that morning was the definition of serendipity — so happy all things aligned to meet a fabulous new friend! And, for the record, your hair is absolutely gorgeous.

    You can find spirulina at most health food stores. Whole Foods may even carry it. If you’re ever up in the Fairfax area, Good Earth is a great source. The kiddos may not love it, but it does mask well in dark berry smoothies. And, a little goes a long way.

    Thanks so much for including me in this fun project! I hope to meet some of the other fabulous bloggers you’re featuring soon! xo

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