D-tox January, Day 7: Cancer prevention through nutrition from Gluten Free Goodness

smoothie happiness

smoothie happiness

After 6 days of great smoothie recipes, Cheryl at Gluten Free Goodness has bucked the trend today and shares her wealth of nutritional knowledge, with 14 easy to follow tips on how to stay healthy and prevent disease. Tip no. 14 is my favorite: “If you decide to indulge, keep guilt to a minimum. You actually don’t get extra points back for beating yourself up.”. There is so much to be said for letting things slide a little every now and again and making sure that whatever you do you don’t forget about one really important word in life – “fun”.

I find that the whole gluten free thing really bogs my little guy down sometimes when all he wants to do is eat whatever his friends are eating. It has to be said that he is really good and that it doesn’t happen often, but when all of the kids we were skiing with last week were pushing waffles into their mouths, it was really hard for him to abstain. It made me doubly happy, as a result, when I heard cries of delight yesterday afternoon after I watched Cybele Pascal’s video on how to make gluten and dairy free cherry and oat scones and promptly made a batch. The scones went pretty quickly – and boy did they taste good straight out of the oven. I used coconut sugar instead of regular sugar and so the scones were super healthy. They got washed down with an after school smoothie and waffles on the mountain were quickly forgotten and we had tons of ‘fun’ smothering the scones in our favorite homemade jam. Even doing homework didn’t seem so bad. He scored the one and only goal in his soccer match this afternoon too and – now that definitely equaled fun.

Fun was had this morning with my friend when we went on a shopping expedition that was supposed to take an hour and ended up forgetting about our ‘to do’ lists (quite liberating) and spent almost 4 hours in the mall trying on a ridiculous amount of clothes in semi-teenage mode and splashing out on some ‘fun’underwear. We had the whole ‘do you want to feel sensible when you get dressed in the morning, or do you want to walk out of the house feeling great about yourself’ conversation. Truth be told, I’ve shied away from underwear stores ever since my breast cancer and the surgery that took place as a result. Today drew a line in the sand and made me feel ok about what my body has become. It was a good day. How I love my plastic surgeon. ;-).

M is taking off to Calgary on Sunday for a few days of Cat skiing with a bunch of guys. I had no idea what cat skiing was until this week, but boy does it look like fun. I know he will be in his element and I’m so exited for him that he has been given the opportunity to do something so amazing.

I feel as if 2011 will be a great year. It will be even better for having great tips like Cheryl’s to follow. I would have loved to have her post in front of me a while ago. I’ve sent it on to my local Cancer Care Resource Center and hope that it will help others who are facing the challenge of fighting and recovering from cancer. Thank you Cheryl!


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  2. I’m glad you liked it! and I’m glad you’re making a point of having fun with your little guy. Scones sound delicous.

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