D-tox January, Day 9: Simple Raw Chocolate Hazel Nut Mylk Smoothie from Christian Bates

kids at Rodeo beach

Happy kids on Rodeo Beach

Ok, so the smoothie ‘thing’ went up a notch today with a post from a local superfoods expert, Christian Bates. Christian teaches at our friends yoga studio (Red Dragon Yoga) here in Mill Valley. M takes his classes on weekends every now and again and when we went to the studios Christmas party, I finally got to meet the infamous ‘Christian’. Not only had Christian brought himself to the party, but he had also brought a really cool ‘raw’ chocolaty smoothie for all to share too. Always up for trying a new smoothie, I had a glass of it right away and it tasted amazing. Maybe part of the reason that it tasted so amazing was that – for some reason – I really hadn’t expected it to. Could anything that healthy taste this good? Well – apparently, yes.

Superfoods is something that I know little about, but Christian’s site is really informative and he is incredibly passionate about what he does. On reading this smoothie recipe, I have to confess that my initial reaction was – looks great, but a bit too complex for me. As much as I am loving trying all of these new smoothies, I am a bit daunted by the whole ‘nut mylk bag’ thing, but on rereading the recipe it’s really not that crazy. This may turn out to be one of those things that I would happily have made for me, rather than make it myself, but then my life is not always going to be consumed by two energetic little boys – and maybe one day. Apparently this type of smoothie, and a host of others that Christian features in hie e-book, are the key to building your immune system and looking radiant. Now there’s a promise…

My key to feeling more radiant today was to get out in the fresh air and actually feel some sun on my skin. It was a beautiful crisp wintry day in NorCal today and we lapped it up on Rodeo beach for a few hours, where the kids and the dog were in their element. We built a moat in the sand, see-sawed on the logs and hiked up the hill to be able to fully take in the splendor and the surfers in the waves below. We did have a berry/vanilla smoothie for breakfast, but given that it was the weekend and that M is away, we had breakfast in bed and the the kids had a special treat of kinnikinnick cinnamon sugar donuts. Not the most nutritious things, but I figured that the accompanying smoothie was filled with enough goodness to counterbalance the sugar and judging by the look on the boys faces, it was a good choice. I took a sample bite and they really are good donuts – no telling that they are gluten free. Quite amazing.

happy dog at the beach

and a happy dog at the beach

Off to think about lunchboxes now and looking forward to what tomorrow will bring for D-tox January.


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  1. Love the photos and the sound of that smoothie! I haven’t made my own nut milk either, but folks say it’s not hard at all. Eventually I’ll give it a try for sure. :-) Have a good week, Nicola! :-)


  2. Looks like a great day at the beach! So envious as I still have a bug that won’t quit. Maybe the raw chocolate smoothie is just what I need…

    Thanks, once again, for the great content! xo

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