D-tox January, Day 10: Green “Creamsicle” Smoothie from Daily Bites

Dogs on beach

Fresh air, sea and sand, at Rodeo beach

Today’s D-tox January recipe is from Hallie Klecker on her Daily Bites Blog. Hallie’s blog is one of those on-line places that you find yourself lost in with gorgeous photos and yummy food that all looks incredibly delicious and is super healthy all at the same time. Hally is a trained Nutrition Educator. Pretty impressive – and educate she definitely does. Her Green “Creamsicle” smoothie is pack full of goodness and looks so great that I’d like to just pull it out of the computer right now. That is definitely that smoothie that I am promising myself post dog walk, grocery store and yoga class tomorrow.

Hallie includes a perfect quote on her blog post today from Dr. Mark Hyman that says: “The fork is your most powerful tool to change your health and the planet; food is the most powerful medicine to heal chronic illness.”

It’s the kind of quote that you need to read over a few times and then realize how significant it really is. It’s quite empowering to think that you can actually achieve so much, just by what you put on your plate (or your fork – in this instance). The crazy thing is that anyone can do it too. You can eat healthily and sustainably without breaking the bank. Really.

One way to stay healthy and to keep on top of your weekly grocery budget is to have a plan. That plan could well include left-overs every other day, but with a plan you’ll find yourself using everything that you bought at the grocery store and limiting the amount of waste that you have too. A group of gluten free bloggers regularly contribute to ‘Monday Menu Plan’. It’s a great way to get ideas and get inspired by what people really do make week in, week out. The focus is on ‘real’ food and there are some great family meal ideas that are not impossible to recreate. There is a theme each week based on seasonal produce, which is also great. Cheryl over at Gluten Free Goodness is hosting this week. She also is the current coordinator for the weekly Monday Menu Plan and you can find all of the info over at her blog.

Wishing everyone a week in which any New Years intentions continue to flourish and where healthy eating becomes a habit rather than a passing whim.


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  1. Another great post, Nicola! Love that Mark Hyman quote. Enjoying the beach photos. :-) Now off to see Hallie’s creamsicle recipe!

    Hugs for a great week,

  2. I liked the quote, too. Thanks so much for mentioning the menu plan! and that picture is striking.

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