D-tox January, Day30: Hearty Miso Soup from Eat Naked

Homegrown carrots

These carrots from our garden where our 'naked' highlight this year. Can't wait to grow more.

Eat naked? I hear you say. “I couldn’t possibly eat naked – that’d be rude”. No, seriously, joking aside, Margaret Floyd’s Eat Naked blog is all about eating real, natural, organic foods that are stripped of any unnecessary processed ingredients and have no pesky pesticides or any other nasty’s on them. When I approached Margaret about contributing a post for D-tox January, I just knew she’d come up with something fabulous. And fabulous it is. Her Hearty Miso Soup is a must-make. I highly recommend checking out the recipe and reading it in conjunction with her post on immune boosting strategies.

I certainly wish that I’d been a little more religious about pursuing those strategies this past week, as I’m sat on the sofa right now next to T in pj’s (It’s 6pm). T with a low grade fever. Me with a sore throat and thick head. Yuk. If only I could magic Margaret’s soup right out of the computer.

Instead, I am determined to get off the couch this evening and practice some yoga, with my fabulous friend Jane Gould’s latest detoxifying yoga video to guide me. Jane and I have spent time this past week putting the video together. M has composed the music in the background and it’s been such an exiting thing to produce. I’ll be sharing it here tomorrow, and also on YouTube, so within the next 24 hours you’ll all be able to jump off your couches and join me in some great restorative, detoxifying, yoga poses.

I’d love to encourage you to leave your comments with Jane and to connect with her. Jane is a driving force in her own right and has proven that it is possible to live with Multiple Sclerosis through a holistic approach to life, good nutrition (Jane is also gluten and dairy free) and the right kind of exercise. In Jane’s case, lots and lots of great yoga. Quite, quite miraculous. More on Jane here.

Remember to check in tomorrow for a great giveaway too. Happy Sunday!


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  1. Look how gorgeous those carrots are! :-) Thanks for sharing Margaret and her Eat Naked blog with us, Nicola. I don’t eat soy, but I’m happy to find her blog and check out all her great recipes!

    Sure hope you and your family dip this illness thing in the bud! Sending healing thoughts/hugs your way, dear.


    • nstockmann says:

      Feels like I am nipping it in the bud pretty quickly – thanks to all of those fabulous smoothies. ;-). Just have a little feverish T still sat on the sofa. Poor little guy… Would love to hear more about why you don’t eat soy at some point. I’m on the fence a bit about soy.

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