Gluten-free Monday menu plan. February 14.

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It's all about love this week

I already feel as if Valentines Day has been and gone. After mammoth card writing sessions with the kids and a – almost as mammoth – baking session for their upcoming school parties, I declare myself ‘done’. M has never much been one for Valentines Day. After wooing me 11 years ago by sending a red rose to my office a week after we’d met, he gave up the ghost with the whole rose thing on Valentines Day very soon thereafter. Credit where credit is due, however, he tends to surprise me with flowers on February the 15th in a kind of anti-establishment, I refuse to tow the line and pay extortionate prices for roses just because it’s February the 14th, kind of way. It makes me smile and he has a point. I’ve given up trying to surprise him with anything, but I’m sure I could rustle up a plateful of chocolate covered strawberries tomorrow. Now there’s a thought…

The kids selected their preferred Valentines cookies from the ever growing stash of gluten-free cookbooks in the house. C went straight to his favorite: Cooking for Isaiah. I swear that he knows most of the recipes in the book by heart now. He requested Silvana’s great chewy chocolate chunk cookies. I made them using coconut sugar (my new favorite ingredient) and they turned out great.

T selected Thumbs up thumbprint cookies From Enjoy Life’s Cookies for Everyone book. It’s the first time I’ve baked using the book and the cookies turned out great. If you have kids with allergies, it really is THE cookie baking book to have. Again, I used coconut sugar instead of the superfine sugar called for in the recipe. The jam was still sugary though – wondering whether coconut sugar will work for jam making?

I’m finding it a bit distracting to think about real food with all of this cookie madness going on, but I have taken a moment to focus and think about the food that we will be eating this week. Cheryl over at Gluten Free Goodness is hosting this weeks gluten-free menu plan swap. Her subject is Food as Love. Every single meal that I make for my family is made with the sole purpose of providing nourishment and smothering my boys tummies with love. The love is doubled whenever they declare how delicious it is and ask for more. Check out Cheryl’s blog tomorrow, when she will post the round-up of everyone’s menu plans and how they have responded to her chosen subject. Our menu plan for Valentines week looks like this:

Mon: Pan fried Alaskan cod with pine nuts, served on a bed of short grain brown rice with a side of mixed veg

Tues: Vegetable frittata with salad (I’ll aim to post the recipe this week)

Weds: Fish sticks – am going to use the recipe from The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen as my basis. Served with vegetable crudites.

Thurs: Ground beef chili and nachos (with goats milk cheese).

Fri: Gluten free pizza on Udi’s pizza crust and the picnic coleslaw that I just recipe tested for Ali over at the Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen (it’s amazing). Keep a look-out for her great new cookbook later this year.

Happy heart day!


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  1. love the idea of all meals as smothering your kids with nutrition and love!
    DH isn’t a flowers guy either, but I like the idea of feb 15th flowers.
    I don’t know if coconut sugar would crystalize the same way in jam making because regular sugar actually plays a role of discouraging molds, but if you used a calcium based gel like pomona’s pectins, I bet it would work.

    • nstockmann says:

      Thanks Cheryl. I might just try that! I started doing some research on sugar-free jam making, but it all seemed so much more complicated than my simple fruit+sugar recipe…

  2. [...] of G-free mom is about done with Valentine’s day, since she’s been working overtime to make things [...]

  3. Looks like a whole lot of love at your house this week, Nicola. Your men are very lucky to have you.

    • nstockmann says:

      ;-). Thanks Wendy. We topped it all with a fab chocolate fondue last night. feels like we can go back to normal now. ;-)

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I can’t wait to check out the GF cookie recipes for our little ones and big ones.
    Great post.
    Peace & Raw Health,

  5. We did the cards and baking sessions, too. Amazingly, we still have some cookies left, though they are going quickly. I haven’t felt much like cooking lately, but that cod with pine nuts sounds wonderful. And chocolate fondue, too? Yum.

  6. We had card and cookie baking sessions at my house, too. Amazingly, we still have some sugar cookies left, though even the ones without frosting are disappearing quickly. I haven’t felt much like cooking lately, but that cod with pine nuts sounds wonderful. And chocolate fondue, too? Yum.

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