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Mariposa bakery

The Mariposa Bakery

It’s been really hot in Mill Valley today. I had a full intention of writing a blog post, sharing a recipe – the usual thing. But, instead I walked with a friend in Sausalito, enjoyed lunch with another outside in my garden and then went to collect the children. C had his second grade play performance and was amazing. A good day.

When I came to unpack C’s backpack this evening, I realized that he’d written my post for me. His class has a monthly magazine in which each child writes an article about something interesting that happened to them that month. This is what C wrote:


Mariposa is a gluten and dairy free bakery. Mariposa is in the San Francisco Ferry Building, in Oakland, and also at the San Rafael Farmers’ Market. You should go there. It is very, very, very, very awesome! I love it. Take one bite of the bagel and you will love the sweet taste inside your mouth. Yum! Yum! They have pizza and very sweet sugar cinamon rolls. Oh my gosh! They taste so good. The vegetable pizza is very good.

Mariposa is a small place, but still the food is extremely tasty. If you are allergic to gluten you should go there.


C will be 8 years old in a few weeks time. Maybe I should hand the writing of my blog over to him?



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  1. Be careful there, Mom. That was a delightful review by C. I let my youngest be a guest on my blog and her post had more traffic than any post I’ve written. She’s quite smug now. :)

  2. Oh, how wonderful, C’s mom! Sounds like you should definitely sub out some post writing assignments to your son. I love to get another family member’s opinion, especially one of the younger generation. ;-)


  3. Eve says:

    I am imagining the taste of this bagel in my mouth. It’s really yum, yum. I almost feels like being at the Mariposa Bakery!

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