Monday menu plan, February 7, & good sources of Vitamin D

Blossom from our plum tree

Blossom from our plum tree

I’m a little in shock. We have had glorious sunshine with temperatures in the high 70′sF these past few days and It’s still the first week of February. Back in Europe this was always the toughest month for me. I’d be seriously craving sunshine by now. Guess it makes sense, now that I know that I have a tendency to be vitamin D deficient. I’m making a concerted effort to spend some time out in the sunshine to soak up the vitamin D.

While having a bone density scan at UCSF last week (oh the joys of having had chemotherapy), I picked up an information sheet about selected food sources of calcium and vitamin D. I was so happy to see that some of our favorite foods are really high in Vitamin D – not something I’d previously thought about at any length. Both salmon and mackerel are great sources and since having od’d on Vitamin D supplements a few months ago, I’m all about getting it into my body as naturally as I possible can. Needless to say, salmon will be on the menu this week. That and lot’s of yogurt for breakfast too – a great source of both calcium and vitamin D.

This week’s menu swap is being hosted by gluten-free smiles. Her chosen ingredient is chia seeds. I throw chia seeds into our smoothies every morning and sprinkle them on my muesli. I’m looking forward to some inspiration on how to incorporate them elsewhere.

I’ve also offered to recipe test for Ali over at The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen. She is planning to bring out a new cookbook soon, which is really exiting. I’m happy to be part of the process. Some of the recipes for testing will make up our meals this week. I’ve *’d the relevant ones. Here is the plan:

Monday: Quinoa Tabouli*, served with grilled chicken drumsticks.

Tuesday: Butternut squash soup.

Wednesday: Crispy chicken fingers*, served with mixed vegetables.

Thursday: Oven baked salmon, served on a bed of rice with stir fried bok choy.

Friday: Three bean vegetable chili*

Off to enjoy the garden now, already resplendent in blooms.


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  1. Oh, I do envy your warmth and sunshine, not to mention your menu. I’m looking forward to Ali’s new cookbook, too.

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi Nicola,

    Your menu link is up! thanks for joining this week. Your menu sounds great! I’m so glad that you enjoy chia seeds. I’ll have to start adding them to our smoothies.

  3. [...] G-Free Mom has been soaking up the sunshine for her vitamin D content and has made sure that her menu for this week has some good sources of vitamin D and calcium.  She will also be testing recipes for the Whole Foods Kitchen’s upcoming cookbook.  Her menu, like Wendy’s, includes chicken fingers, and like myself, she is going to make a chili. [...]

  4. Sounds like a great week, Nicola! Warm temps and flowering trees sound good to me. :-) Thanks for the Vitamin D info … much appreciated! I know Ali’s cookbook will be fantastic.


  5. Elizabeth says:

    Looks like a wonderful menu.
    Peace & Raw Health,

  6. I couldn’t agree with you more. The weather this weekend/week has been amazing — and makes it really tough to be handcuffed to my laptop indoors! Eggs (my all-time fav) are also a great source of vitamin D.

    Looking forward to all things chia and the upcoming recipe test session!

    • nstockmann says:

      Oo – eggs wasn’t on the list that they gave me, but that’s great. The default meal, or snack, over here tends to be eggs in some shape or form. Yay!

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