Gluten-free menu plan, Monday February 28, and the truth about me

Tahoe snow

Phenomenal amounts of snow in Tahoe this weekend

We are fresh back from the ski slopes. What a weekend!

This weeks menu plan is easy. SO easy. I’m adopting Wendy Gregory-Kaho over at Celiacs in the House and given that she has such yummy menus that are just perfect for us as a family, that’s already 3 recipes ticked off the list. I hear some of you asking what on earth is Adopt A Gluten Free Blogger? For those who have not seen it before, this was started by Sea over at The Book of Yum back in 2008, with the idea of building the gluten-free blogging community and help to get everyone tasting each others fab recipe ideas. I’ve been watching the adoption goings on for many months now and have finally concluded that it’s time to jump on such a great bandwagon. This months round-up of all of the adoptions is being hosted over at Lexie’s Kitchen. Can’t wait to see all of the posts.

The inspiration to do this really has come from this weekly gluten-free menu swap. Every Monday, I pop over to Wendy’s site, drool a bit and declare that I’d like to cook meals just like that one week too. So here goes. More about how wonderful Wendy is and my chronicle of making her meals, when I post the fabulous (I already know they will be) results at the end of next week.

It’s also time to come clean about my truths and untruths from my Memetastic Award.

I own a luxury yacht.

Ok. Much as I would LOVE this to be a truth, it’s not. I am lucky enough to have a fabulous brother-in-law on the west Coast of Sweden, who sells and rents sailing yachts. One week on the Swedish archipelago is just the tonic we need, and have been lucky to get a few times. I’ve moved on from being grumpy through lack of sleep on a rocking boat to absolutely loving it and wishing for more every time we get back to shore. M is a fantastic sailor and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the boys will get the bug one day too.

My family invented the After Eight mint.

This really is the truth. Really. The Stockmann chocolate factory in the North of Germany invented the After Eight Mint. They were subsequently taken over and the final result is that the After Eight Mint now well and truly belongs to Nestlé, but I love to eat them and think that some small part of my family history is nestled in there amongst all of that yummy wafer thin chocolate.

I love baseball.

I try. I really do. We religiously watched the Giants games during the World series, but I still haven’t really got a clue about the finer details of the game and the boys asking me to play with them is like asking somebody who is tone deaf to sing opera.

My middle name is Gertrude.

Ha ha.

I once appeared in a movie.

This is about as far from the truth as it gets. I loved drama at school and auditioned for Youth Theater at the Newcastle Playhouse when I was a kid. But my acting career began and ended that day. I never really quite recovered from that rejection. I definitely see my eldest son as a potential actor though. He’s quite the Ham…

Onto the weeks menu plan:

Monday: Gluten-free salmon cakes from Celiacs in the House

Tuesday: Butternut Squash Risotto (if I can find arborio rice this week – everyone seems sold out). I have a recipe buried among my first few posts. I’ll re-post this in the next few weeks.

Wednesday: Wendy’s crispy vegetable and risotto cakes, with the left over risotto

Thursday: Wendy’s shepherds pie. Yum!

Friday: Suspect we will be having Shepherds pie left overs. If it all get’s devoured on Thursday, I’ll rustle up pizza with Udi’s gluten free pizza crusts that I always keep to hand in the freezer.


This weeks Gluten-free menu swap is being hosted by Scrumptious over at In My Box. Here theme is DIY/MYO (do-it-yourself/make-your-own) ingredients. Does making my own risotto count?


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  1. Nicola, you are such a sweetheart.

  2. Never heard of a one day acting career, but how nice to see your son adopting some of your gifts.
    Have a great week!

  3. Love you, Nicola! You are so funny. Now if I ever eat an After Eight mint, I’ll think of you. ;-) You’ll have so much fun with your adoption of Wendy! You picked some recipes of hers that I’ve been drooling over. Someone said the other day that they could give up creating their own recipes and just make everyone else’s day in and day out. I think we have enough fantastic gf bloggers to do just that, and Wendy’s (and you) certainly at the top of the list. ;-)


    • nstockmann says:

      ;-). Thanks Shirley! I agree – I could immerse myself in all of those yummy recipes quite easily. I’d get quite lost in it all though, if not for your great round-ups pointing us all in the right directions.

  4. Jenna says:

    These recipes look delicious. I’ve just made our menu plan for the month of March, but I may be able to squeeze in the risotto or salmon cakes.

  5. Woohoo!! I got it right! I got it right! LOL Okay, I will stop gloating now! ;)
    Love your truth (and un-truths). And I cannot wait to see your adoption of Wendy!! ;)

  6. Although owning a luxury yacht would be pretty fabulous, your truth is even better, at least to me!

    I’m always inspired by all the love in the gf community, too. You guys rock!

  7. [...] Nicola of G-free Mom offers up some funny truths (and lies!) so we can get to know her better this week. Her family invented the After Eight mint. What a fabulous legacy! She is adopting Wendy of Celiacs in the House this week for Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger so her menu plan practically wrote itself. I want to devour her entire menu with salmon cakes, risotto cakes, shepherd’s pie, and butternut squash risotto, all favorite flavors! Nicola asks if making her own risotto counts as DIY, and I definitely think making risotto and then reusing the leftovers to make risotto cakes fits into the urban homesteader cooking ethos! [...]

  8. Scrumptious says:

    I’m sorry it took me so long to get your menu added to the round-up. A friend has been using my computer for the past couple of days. I think your whole menu sounds delicious, and I’m so excited that you are adopting Wendy. She is a great cook and all around great person!

    Have a lovely week of cooking!

  9. Mary says:

    Hi Nicola;
    So glad I picked this post as my first read on your site….I loved it and you gave me a laugh. You sound like fun.

    I’m off to read more….

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