C’s second post. About Pica Pica.

Yuca fies

Yuca fries at Pica Pica

It is C writing the blog today. I will be 8 in 5 days. I am exited.

Well today I will write about Pica Pica, a delicious place. I could eat everything!!

It’s in San Francisco on Valencia. There all of it taste like candy they put lots of love in their food that is why it tastes like candy! Their food has very very good filling in it yum yum yum. Yuca fries are perfect. It dose not mater if it is a small place, it still is a great place like Mariposa.


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  1. Hi C! Early happy birthday wishes to you! Thanks for the great review. I went to Pica Pica last year and I have to agree with you. The yuca fries were delicious, and so was everything else. If I lived nearby, I’d go to Pica Pica all the time! Hope you have a fantastic birthday! Please give a big hug to your mom for me … miss her. :-)

    Thanks so much,

  2. Dear C. I agree with your review. I ate there last fall and the food was so yummy. It was unlike anything I’d ever eaten before. I agree with Shirley. If I lived near a Pica Pica, I would eat there a lot. It’s so nice to go to a restaurant where there are so many gluten-free choices. I love your reviews and look forward to more of them. Have a happy, happy 8th birthday.

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