Smoothie my kids love: Strawberry, apple and spinach.

strawberry and apple smoothie

strawberry and apple smoothie

Ok – so something in this title doesn’t seem quite right. Smoothies my kids love and spinach – do they really go together? Oh yes they do!

Through my d-tox January event this year, I learned just how easy it is to hide greens in a kids smoothie and that spinach is one of the easiest greens to start with. We’ve gotten to the point where my kids don’t even bat an eyelid when they see me adding kale to a smoothie, which is still quite flabbergasting to me. The how to hide your green tips and many other great ideas and recipes from over 20 bloggers will appear in an e-book that you will be able to purchase via a link from this and all of the contributors blogs sometime in April. It’s a wonderful and collaborative project that will not only help give you ideas on how to up your daily fruit and vegetable intake, but will also benefit the wonderful charity, MitoAction, who will be the benefactors of any proceeds from the sale of the book. I’m exited. Watch this space.

Not only are smoothies a wonderful way to give our body the nutrients that it needs, but as my friend Shirley Braden from Gluten Fee Easily pointed out on her Facebook page the other day, they are great for the environment too, as they help us eliminate food waste. So true – the more you put your blender to use, the more you will realize that anything goes. Throw things in there a little at a time and adjust to taste as you go along. My kids love the process of concocting a new smoothie now. They are my ultimate taste testers.

We conjured up our strawberry and apple smoothie yesterday after school. We were all overly delighted to see a parcel waiting for us on the doorstep, as we returned home. I’d managed to smash my blender jug last week and a new one had been promptly ordered. The daily requests for a smoothie were met with “sorry, the blender is broken”. Now, sitting on the doorstep, was my new blender jug and with it the prospect of smoothies-on-demand once again. Yay!

Strawberry and apple smoothie


2 cups of fresh strawberries

2 apples, cored and diced

1 cup of frozen strawberries

1 cup of apple cider

A handful of fresh spinach leaves

1 tablespoon of roast flax seeds

1 cup of vanilla yogurt (optional)


Blend the fruit and the apple cider together.

Pause the blender and add the flax seeds and spinach.

Add the yogurt, if you prefer your smoothie a little creamier.






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  1. Yippee for an operational blender again! Can’t go without those smoothies … I’m getting ready to fix one myself as I’m restocked on ingredients. :-)

    Thanks so much for the mention, dear. I love cleaning out my fridge to make smoothies. It’s so cool that your family is enjoying making new and wonderful concoctions daily. Your new smoothie looks fantastic!

    I’m so excited about our new book. It looks amazing! I’m actually trying to find my photos to send. Sometimes having several computers and usuing whichever one is available can have its downside. :-(


  2. Nicola, this one sounds sooo fresh and delicious. I think I will have to give this one a whirl for sure! So happy that you got your blender jug back so you can get back to your smoothies! And I so agree with you that it is amazing the things I can get away with adding to our smoothies and meals that I never thought i would have gotten away with with the kiddos! ;)

  3. Bumble Bee says:

    This looks delicious, I’ll definitely have to try it!

  4. Linda says:

    It would be nice if the recipes also stated how many servings they make. It wasn’t clear in this recipe, but it looks AWESOME!

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