Spring break, menuless and schedule-free

Happy dog at beach

Happy dog at Stinson Beach

I woke up on Monday morning with a sigh of relief. A sigh of relief at not having that ‘Monday Feeling’. It seems quite ridiculous to me that I have those Monday feelings at all these days. It’s not as if I wake up facing an incredibly busy working week amongst the rat race, but somehow there still manages to be a daily weekly grind. Early mornings, the rush to make lunch boxes, feed the kids breakfast and avoid tardy’s at school. The the 3 non pre-school days a week of entertaining my wee 4 year old, the daily dog walk, the laundry, house cleaning, the busy after-school activities schedule, play dates, making dinner, eating dinner just the three of us (M is always late home during the week), somehow – despite the fact that none of those things are a particularly terrible chore – they all add up to just another weekly routine.

These past few weeks I’ve had the odd break from our routine. A few ‘let’s just forget the sports activities and go for frozen yogurt, or look at the boats or go see a movie’ moments. I’ve blogged less and have actually felt liberated by breaking from what had become my weekly blogging routine. Sometimes a break from routine is good for the soul. I’m only two days into Spring Break and I’m already realizing that I could do with doing that more.

This morning we headed out to Stinson Beach to have breakfast with friends who are spending spring break there. I sat on the beach with my friend, cup of coffee in hand, while the dog literally jumped for joy and the boys giggled in the hot tub. It was a moment that I would happily have dragged out for longer, had I not already had other commitments today. There I go with those commitments again…

I’ve also broken free from the kitchen for a few days. Having spent the weekend skiing in Tahoe and planning to go back up tomorrow, it didn’t seem to make sense to go to the grocery store. I took the kids out for tacos yesterday and gluten-free pizza today and it’s been ok to give them gluten-free pasta with tomato sauce for lunch two days in a row. Really it has. Isn’t this what holidays are for? Somehow gluten-free living has had me chained to the stove a lot more than I used to be. It’s good to find a balance again and realize that it doesn’t need to be that way.

My one small ‘good for the soul’ life change these past few weeks has resulted in getting involved with a wonderful art gallery in the San Francisco Mission District. I’ve found a place in which I can realize my passion for art in ArtZone 461. The gallery features an incredible selection of Bay Area artists and I’m so exited to be spending time there to help out a couple of times a week. I stumbled upon the gallery while taking the children for dinner at the gluten-free Pica Pica restaurant on Valencia Street a few weeks ago. What better than a cool art gallery next to a great gluten-free eatery? Everyone in SF should be rushing to Valencia St right now.

Another highlight in the past week has been reading a wonderful adoption post of myself by Mary of Gluten Free Spinner. I was really touched by her kind words. It was a virtual hug that I really needed and appreciated. Thank you Mary.

Happy Spring Break!



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  1. Yippee for spring breaks and all they entail! We ate at Pica Pica when we were at BlogHer Food last year (thanks to Mama Duckling, Diane), but we didn’t catch the art gallery. We were pressed for time, but many that would have been fun! I’m crazy about art galleries. They soothe my soul and get me invigorated at the same time. ;-)

    Now must go check out Mary’s adoption post of you …


  2. LOL I’d already read it! Uh, I remember now. Guess I need one of those spring breaks … ;-) It was a lovely adoption post for sure!


  3. Mary says:

    I loved reading your “Spring Break” post, Nicola! I too find myself chained to the kitchen at times and it can be exhausting and binding. I mentioned this to a few friends at a party this past weekend and they said to “give myself a break” every now and then. Sounds like that’s exactly what you’ve done. Great Advice.

    As for the adoption…you’re more than welcome, thank YOU!

    • nstockmann says:

      Sometimes these things get forced upon us. Sometimes we get there ourselves. If you are feeling that it’s dragging you down then it’s definitely time to take a beak – even if only for a day or two. ;-). Good luck!

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