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Since reading that the ideal fruit and vegetable intake to ensure effective cancer prevention through nutrition is 27 different fruits and vegetables per week, I’m on a mission to up my families weekly quota. It’s now just over two years ago that I began my treatment for stage 3 breast cancer and I’ll be eternally grateful for the incredible medical team that contributed to my becoming a survivor. While they still monitor me very closely, and I pop my daily prescribed medication as well as whopping amounts of vitamin D, I strongly believe that prevention of a recurrence of cancer is firmly in my own hands. There are, of course, many contributors to a healthy lifestyle, but nutrition (at least in my book) is one of the easier ones to grasp control of.

My conclusion on how to increase our increase of fresh organic produce is to put my blender to better daily use for juices and smoothies. My aim is to try and make a different drink 7 days a week. While thinking about where to draw inspiration for recipes that would also go down well with my family, I decided to reach out to the blogging community for help. The response has been overwhelming.

How better to start the New Year than with a consortium of incredible food bloggers, all contributing to provide you with a month of detoxifying and nourishing juices and smoothies, with a few soups thrown in too for good measure. There will be a new recipe from a different blogger throughout every day in January. At the end of the month, there’ll be a Linky tool on this page, allowing you all to contribute with your own juice, smoothie or detoxifying soup recipe. I’ll also invite comments and on the 5th of February I’ll randomly select a winner from all those who have participated through comments and links to receive a copy of the Rebecca Katz, One Bite at a Time cookbook. Not all recipes in the book are gluten free, but the majority are and there is a ton of information on how to nourish yourself in such a way as to help keep disease at bay. It’s a great book.

The calendar of contributing bloggers and the dates on which they will post their d-tox January recipes is as follows:
Saturday, January 1st,    I’ll be kicking off the month here with a Berry/vanilla smoothie
Sunday, January 2nd,    Wendy @ Celiacs in the House has posted a satisfying kale cranberry smoothie
Monday, January 3rd,    Ali @ The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen has linked her spring green smoothie
Tuesday, January 4th,    Diane @ The W.H.O.L.E. Gang has featured a great looking cherry smoothie with a twist
Wednesday, January 5th,    Deanna @ The Mommy Bowl lets us in on how to make a hot cider smoothie
Thursday, January 6th,    Heidi @ Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom enlightens us on how smoothies = self-love and shares 2 great recipes
Friday, January 7th,    Cheryl Harris @ Gluten Free Goodness focuses on fighting and preventing cancer through nutrition with some clear and easy to follow steps and some great links
Saturday, January 8th,    Elizabeth @ Saffron Lane has posted a lovely cleansing kiwi + jasmine green tea smoothie
Sunday, January 9th,    Christian @ Christian Bates dot com shares his simple raw chocolate hazel nut mylk smoothie
Monday, January 10th,    Hallie @ Daily Bites posts her delicious green “creamsicle” smoothie
Tuesday, January 11th,    Kim @ Cook It Allergy Free shares her 5 commandments of smoothie making for kids and a great easy kids green smoothie recipe
Wednesday, January 12th,    Shirley @ gluten free easily has posted a fabulous Pina “Greena” Colada
Thursday, January 13th,    Maggie @ she let them eat cake has some amazing smoothie making tips and a beginners ‘green’ smoothie
Friday, January 14th,     Jen @ Gluten Free Life shares a wonderful tropical chia smoothie and educates on the benefits of chia seeds
Saturday, January 15th,    Silvana @ dish towel diaries educates on how to make an indulgent, but healthy, chocolate-peanut butter pick-me-up smoothie
Sunday, January 16th,    Carol @ Simply… gluten-free breaks the smoothie mold with a great looking carrot beet apple juice
Monday, January 17th,    Amy @ simply sugar & gluten free brings us more beets with a delicious sounding fresh beet juice
Tuesday, January 18th,    Sea @ Book of Yum provides a fresh approach with a vegan, sugar-free, alcohol-free, detox apple mojito recipe
Wednesday, January 19th,    Tia @ Glügle Gluten Free reminds us about how to get our greens and shares a great green smoothie
Thursday, January 20th,    Ricki @ Diet, Dessert and Dogs shares her groovy green smoothie and a stash of great links and resources
Friday, January 21st,    Iris @ The Daily Dietribe breaks the recipe mold and tells us how to detoxify our lives – “your way”
Saturday, January 22nd,    Brittany @ REAL sustenance tells us how to make a great raw cacao-raspberry-avocado smoothie
Sunday, January 23rd,    Bethanne @ Edible Goddess takes it to another level and shares a master cleanse kefir, elixir style
Monday, January 24th,    Lexie @ Lexie’s Kitchen brings the color wheel to smoothies and a great sqaushberry smoothie to boot
Tuesday, January 25th    Nancy @ the SENSITIVE PANTRY posts a wonderful warming hot pomegranate cider (with a white tea kicker)
Wednesday, January 26th,    Hallie @ Daily Bites shares a yummy coconut mango smoothie with lime
Thursday, January 27th,    Tia @ Glügle Gluten Free makes us smile and posts a dairy-free, berry “milk” shake
Friday, January 28th,    Jen @ Gluten Free Life posts a great, healthy, green goddess smoothie
Saturday, January 29th,    Megan @ The Cardigan and Cook starts a new blog and makes a carrot ginger soup her first post. Woo hoo.
Sunday, January 30th,    Margaret @ eat naked
Monday, January 31st,    A great d-tox yoga video, a linky to add your own recipes and a give-away of Rebecca Katz’s One Bite at a Time, plus Dr David Servan-Schreiber’s Anticancer books here at g-free mom.